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Cheap Universities In Virginia For International Students – Stranger and less familiar with the two events is Virginia International University (VIU) in Fairfax, Va., affiliated with the Muslim religious group led by Fethullah Gulen, a self-proclaimed fugitive who now lives in rural Pennsylvania. Turkey’s authoritarian regime sees Gulenist rebels; not our government. The group controls several tax-funded schools, some of which have been accused of embezzling public tax money to pay for other Gulen activities.

The current case concerns VIU’s landlord, who is closely related to a large poultry company that, along with many other poultry companies, was recently sued for mistreatment of migrant workers.

Cheap Universities In Virginia For International Students

College and landlords? Landlords are linked to slaughtering chickens and exploiting foreign workers? Welcome to VIU’s amazing resources.

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VIU, which awards about 75 degrees this year, has received 38 H-1B certifications in recent years — all but five for non-teaching staff — and it’s a challenge. Most of them were Turkish, and many of them, I think, belonged to other Gulen factions.

Let’s go back to the VIU of the landlord and the poultry company. The whole strange story began a few years ago when VIU gave its campus to a minority group that owned 70 percent of the university for profit, according to Fairfax County property records, and then began paying rent — more than $1 million in the year recently – to his own company, Mavi Consulting. In some years, millions of dollars have fallen between the university and Mavi, sometimes recklessly; this is based on reading Forms 990 submitted to the IRS by VIU, a 501(c)(3) organization.

There is one obvious flaw in this arrangement: Although a non-profit university, as VIU claims, does not have to pay property taxes in Virginia, the landlord of such a for-profit university must pay such taxes. about $100,000 a year in this case.

On the other hand, VIU may be willing to pay these fees to hide what is happening with VIU’s funds sent to Mavi, since it does not have to submit financial reports, like the university.

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Regarding the chicken business connection, Fairfax County tax records show that Mavi recently sold the VIU campus, where he was already gifted (along with $6 million as a loan), for $11 million.

The non-profit Mar-Jac Foundation, one of its officers is Ahmed Alwani, whose father had a small 30% stake in Mavi. Alwani is also a former head of VIU, currently a board member of the Mar-Jac Foundation, and currently a board member of Mar-Jac Poultry, which is one of the targets of the aforementioned lawsuits.

The Mar-Jac chicken, as a look on the internet will show, is often associated with the Muslim Brotherhood; it is not a Turkish, Sunni thing. Did the Mar-Jac Foundation give VIU more money to buy its campus than Fairfax County assessors think it’s worth? Is the project intended to increase the profit of the person who owns a small part of Mavi? Where did the foundation, which usually has more than $4 million in coffers, get the money to buy the school? We will never know.

Another university. Meanwhile, another shoe has dropped on another issue related to H-1B, which is highly sensitive and unrelated to Middle East politics.

Things To Know Before Moving To Virginia

Wright State University, in Dayton, Ohio, although a public university, hired some of its (known) H-1B employees to contractors in a way that benefited the university and the contractors, harmed the employees and the US Treasury and violated the law. the law. Several university officials were fired, as we mentioned earlier.

One of the contractors, Web Yoga, pleaded guilty to visa fraud charges late last month, settling the case. Fairfax University of America (FXUA, formerly Virginia International University) is a private university in Fairfax, Virginia. It was incorporated in 1998 and as a 501(c)(3) non-profit university in 1999.

The University is licensed to operate in Virginia by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) and is accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools.

Awarding certificates, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. ACICS has come under intense scrutiny from regulators due to a lack of accreditation and the failure of flawed programs at several institutions, including Fairfax University, which was “damaged [for] the rigor of its online learning program” by state regulators in 2019 and approx. But close it.

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The university was founded in 1998 as Virginia International University. In 1999, the university was incorporated as a non-profit organization and received a 501 (c) 3 non-profit status.

In March 2019, the Virginia State University Board threatened to revoke VIU’s license to operate in the Commonwealth of Virginia following a 2018 investigation that found deficiencies in the quality of teaching and the quality of online courses at VIU and published a report that Inside Higher Ed called “hot.”

The study cited a number of concerns, including the prevalence of plagiarism and its admissions policy to allow students from other countries who have demonstrated “very poor” language skills to attend the university.

Although the study focused on online education for schools, researchers noted that these problems have also affected face-to-face classrooms, and noted that online and in-person education share common ground, but technology literacy problems were common among students. take private classes.

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In June 2019, the State Council reached an agreement with VIU to allow the university to continue working only if it suspends its distance education for three years.

On December 13, 2021, the State Board completed its review and found FFUA to be in full compliance with SCHEV regulations, allowing FFUA to resume offering distance education.

The academic departments of the school are divided into two schools: the department of business and the department of computer science.

America’s Fairfax University conducts research, founded in 2019, the New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy (formerly Cter for Global Policy) is a foreign policy think tank operating in Washington, D.C.

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