Best Medical Colleges In Germany For Indian Students

Best Medical Colleges In Germany For Indian Students – India is a country of great promise in the field of medicine. With the increasing number of students wishing to study medicine, it has been realized that Germany is the common choice for most students. This is because Germany has the lowest education packages for students who wish to study there. A little trivia: did you know that some of the top MCI approved medical universities are in Germany? The level of education in medical universities in Germany is of very high quality and provides perfect exposure to students from India. One of the main reasons why Germany should be at the top of your MBBS study list is that a large number of medical universities in Germany provide free education to their international students. So, before you think about choosing another country to study MBBS, let us take you through an in-depth analysis of the prospects for studying MBBS in Germany.

The largest country in Europe, it consists of 16 constituent states and occupies an area of ​​more than 350,000 square kilometers. It lies between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to the north and Lake Constance, the Upper Rhine and the Alps to the south. It borders the Czech Republic and Poland to the east, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to the west, Denmark to the north and Switzerland and Austria to the south. The country is a gold mine of artistic and raw beauty with rivers such as the Rhine, Danube and Elbe and many places with forest trails.

Best Medical Colleges In Germany For Indian Students

Deciding to study in Germany has many benefits, including cheap accommodation and free travel. A student can easily get cheap hostel rooms and apartments through the most popular private shared accommodation option. When pursuing MBBS in Germany, you can also opt for on-campus hostels which are available at a discounted rate. Public transport in Germany is very advanced and is considered the best way to get around the city. The preferred mode of transport is train or bus. Buses run on popular routes at regular intervals and are usually free for students. Alternatively, you can buy a monthly subscription for the same, which costs around 70 euros.

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The weather in Germany can be a bit unpredictable depending on which part of the country you are in. In the south, winters can be colder than others due to the Alps, and summers can also be quite hot in parts of Germany. Although you can expect the weather conditions to be at par or maybe better than India most of the time. Indian food and imported packaged goods are also available across the country.

MBBS in Germany is the perfect choice if you are looking for innovative learning concepts, new courses in the next field of medical sciences and access to a well-connected medical community. Apart from these advantages, Germany offers numerous economic benefits in the form of almost zero tuition fees, free travel for students, cheap accommodation and internship opportunities with good stipend. It is also very convenient to stay in the country after graduation. It also opens the doors to the entire European Union. Here are some of the reasons why you should study in Germany for your MBBS degree:

Although free education is offered in Germany for all types of disciplines, the country’s government has decided to provide medical degrees at a special price. The cost of pursuing an MBBS in Germany depends entirely on your nationality and whether you study at a public or private university. For EU students, the administration fee is the only fee which is around 300 EUR per year, while for non-EU students, the tuition fee charged for MBBS in Germany is quite affordable compared to reputed study destinations

To study MBBS in Germany as an Indian or non-EU student, tuition fees range from EUR 1500 (approx. INR 123,600) to EUR 3,500 (approx. INR 288,300). ) for an academic course that weights the average for public and private universities. It is also important to note that private universities charge much more than private universities and if you choose

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Studied MBBS in the state of Baden-Württemberg, please note that tuition fees for international students have been re-introduced, so an MBBS degree may be expensive there

Since most German universities offer MBBS for free or at a reasonable cost, the overall cost of pursuing an MBBS degree in Germany is largely governed by the cost of living in Germany. Below are some of the main costs you will face when studying in Germany.

To find out about the cost of living and accommodation in the country, check out our detailed blog on the cost of studying in Germany.

Below are the steps you need to follow to apply to the university of your choice to study MBBS in Germany, we will guide you every step of the way:

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After choosing a medical degree and a suitable university to study in Germany, the next step is to carefully review the eligibility criteria specified by the university and see if you fully qualify. Along with this, here are the basic and key documents that you need to submit while applying for MBBS studies in Germany:

For medical degrees in Germany, the entrance fee varies by university. In general, most medical schools in Germany admit through two phases:

Note: Remember to start your application as soon as possible, so you should check the university website for admission-related notifications.

The student is advised to apply for visa three months in advance before going to Germany in case of MBBS admission. The applicant must apply for a national visa, which is required if you intend to study for more than 3 months in the country. It is mandatory for the applicant to provide proof of good financial standing to show that they can afford the cost of MBBS studies in Germany.

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It is recommended that anyone who wishes to study MBBS in Germany should apply for a visa three months in advance. The German Embassy requires you to submit the below mentioned documents after you start the German visa application process to study MBBS in Germany.

Medical universities in Germany are considered world-renowned not only for their attention to course structure and students, but also because most German universities are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and recognized by the United Nations (UN). World Health Organization (WHO). This gives Indian medical students more flexibility to find job opportunities around the world, so they are no longer limited to Germany for job prospects. Alternatively, you can also check the medical industry of the EU partner countries that are open to anyone studying MBBS in Germany. Some of the best universities in Germany for medical research are:

These are just a few examples of the best universities to pursue MBBS in Germany. These universities are approved by MCI. There are more than 30 universities in Germany that offer medical degrees.

Germany is a leader in the medical industry with world-class modern technology and offers numerous courses to lead you straight into the specialization of your choice. MBBS in Germany provides detailed information with a special focus on its practical application to give you a head start after graduation. The programs cover a range of specializations ranging from the ethics and philosophy of public health to the science and methodology and methods of qualitative research. The following courses are offered within the Medical Services and Public Health program:

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The duration of a medical degree at any good medical school in Germany varies from 6 to 7.5 years, which includes the internship duration of 1-1.5 years. The main eligibility for the course includes that the candidate has passed his 10+2 in Science (Biology) with 60% and also appeared for NEET. A medical degree/MBBS in Germany is completed in the following stages:

Note: Undergraduate medical degrees and programs taught in English are quite less in Germany than postgraduate medical courses. You can use DAAD’s international program search tool to research the medical degree or MBBS course of your choice.

The state exam, Approbationsordung für Ärzte (Regulation for the Licensing of Physicians or AppOÄ), takes place in three stages:

M1: Students appear for a medical examination, i.e. “I’m doing physics.” This must be granted after two years of medical training in Germany. It is based on non-clinical subjects such as anatomy, biochemistry and physiology and is written and oral-practical. It is similar to the first 18 months of doing MBBS in India. The subjects are taught in German.

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